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Build Your Home Out or Up with Renovation Ideas for Reedsville and Mishicot

Tackling a major remodel or putting an addition onto your home is a major undertaking. Going it alone, or employing a home remodeling contractor who doesn’t have your needs at the front of his mind, can be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you don’t know where to start your home addition project, talk to Sonnenburg Builders. We’ll be with you through the whole process, turning your renovation plans into renovation results.

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Benefits of Home Additions vs. Moving

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Life changes mean changes to your living space. The house which was once your dream home suddenly doesn’t satisfy the needs of your growing, or shrinking, family. Having another child, children outgrowing their living space, or moving out to start lives and homes of their own all change what you need your home to be.

The aches and pains of growing older can also force us to reevaluate whether it’s time to upgrade, downsize or find a home better suited to your changing lifestyle.

Before you call your realtor, it’s worth examining whether your home would benefit from an addition or remodel, which could save you thousands over the cost of buying a new home.

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Buying an existing home limits you to what’s available on the market. You might find the new features or amenities you want, but you’ll have to give up the things you love about your current home. With a partial or full-home remodel or addition, you get to choose exactly what you want without giving up the things you love.

From finishing a basement or attic to building a second (or third!) story to your home, Sonnenburg Builders has more than 28 years of experience in home building and renovation, helping Manitowoc County homeowners from Francis Creek to Cleveland expand their living space without giving up the homes and neighborhoods they love.

Building Out or Up in Manitowoc County

There are advantages and disadvantages to building out or building up, and the right choice depends on where you live and what you want.

Building out will claim sections of your yard, and may require a zoning variance if you’re getting too close to your setbacks. Building up can be more invasive to your home living conditions, making it difficult or impossible to stay in your house while work is being done. Sonnenburg Builders will discuss your needs and expectations while we help you determine which approach is best.

Another option is to finish a basement or attic, effectively giving you an extra floor of living space without changing your home’s footprint or building additional structures.

Trust Your Home Remodeling to New Home Construction Professionals

Some general contractors specialize in specific types of remodeling projects because they lack the expertise it requires to build a home from the ground up. They may not have the right relationships with plumbers or electricians to take care of the kinds of complex and unforeseen circumstances which can create contractor nightmares in a home remodeling project.

Sonnenburg Builders is a full-service new home construction firm, which means we can tackle any problems as they arise, whether it be burned-out wiring, structural damage from carpenter ants, or plumbing that needs to be replaced. These issues will add time and cost to a project, but you can be certain we’ll have the right people fixing the problem the right way the first time. From Mishicot and Two Rivers to Kiel and Two Creeks, Sonnenburg Builders designs and builds home additions for homeowners across Manitowoc County. 

Home Additions for Aging Parents

Help your aging parents live independently while staying close with a home addition built just for them. Sonnenburg Builders specializes in building and remodeling safe and accessible living spaces for individuals with disabilities or changing needs. Our experienced home designers and builders will keep the comfort and convenience of your entire family in mind during the process. You'll keep your privacy and gain peace of mind knowing your parents' needs are being met. 

Home Remodeling for Seniors and the Disabled

Sonnenburg Builders is proud to help the aging population, as well as those suffering from long-term or permanent injuries or disabilities, maintain their independence by building accessible features for bathrooms and homes. We’re happy to help seniors age in place and with dignity.

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