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Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about how you would design your home from the ground-up? Are your notebooks littered with sketches of floor plans and dimensions? Yup, ours are, too.

That’s why we started Sonnenburg Builders more than 30 years ago: to help people like you turn the home IN their dreams into the home OF their dreams.

If you don’t already have your lot site chosen, we’ll work with your realtor to find the ideal spot for you and your family. Whether it’s an improved lot right in Two Rivers or Mishicot, or a little unspoiled corner of nature in Kiel, Sonnenburg Builders can bring the comforts of home to you anywhere in Manitowoc County.

Manitowoc's New Home Builders

Manitowoc Custom Home Builder

Manitowoc custom home builders

Did a staff architect from a mass-builder ask you what your perfect home would look like? We didn’t think so. Sonnenburg Builders doesn’t build McMansions. We are custom home builders, and our job is to make your dreams come true, not tell you what your dreams should be.

If you have custom blueprints drawn by your own architect, or just a sketch on the back of a napkin, Sonnenburg Builders will help you implement the design and layout you want, with cost-saving advice and tips guided by our years of experience.

Showroom Pictures Project Pictures

When you have your new home custom-built by the Manitowoc Master Builders, you get to choose every detail, from the color of the walls down to cabinet doorknobs. The number of customizable features is staggering. We make it easier by showing you our full line of windows and doors, cabinets and countertops, kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures and more at our home design showroom in Manitowoc.

Energy-Efficient Design Means More Money in your Pocket

The number one advantage of building a new home vs. buying an older house is energy efficiency. Modern windows and doors, insulation and energy-efficient HVAC and appliances are easier to build into the DNA of a new home than to retrofit into an older one.

In many cases, up-front investment in the “green” option is no more costly than conventional systems, and they pay for themselves in savings when the utility bills come due.

You never know when the next heating gas shortage will turn into a permanent hike in utility costs. Building an energy-efficient home from the ground up protects your wallet against unpredictable fluctuations in the energy market.

Sonnenburg Builders will also let you know about any tax credits and incentives available to you when you choose energy-efficient new home construction.

Side-by-Sides and Income Properties Built from Scratch

More and more, people in the market for new home construction are choosing side-by-sides or multi-unit homes. There are a few reasons this can be an attractive option; with an owner-occupied rental property, homeowners can effectively subsidize their mortgage payment with rental income, and living in close proximity to tenants allows you to keep a close eye on how they treat your property.

The other main reason people choose side-by-sides is to provide a separate living space for multi-generational homes.

Whether it’s for your adult children, or as a way to keep your aging parents close while still granting the independence of living separately, multi-unit dwellings are growing in popularity as more and more Americans embrace multi-generational living.

Manitowoc Home Contractors Building Your Dream

Everyone’s dream home is different. Some people dream of a sprawling estate and country club-quality lawn, while others are looking for a little nook tucked into the backwoods. We’re not here to tell you what your dream home should be, but Sonnenburg Builders will turn your dreams into the home you deserve.

Sonnenburg Builders provides barrier free, open-concept layouts for condos and homes in the Manitowoc area. Creating easy access to garages, porches and showers allows people to stay in their homes longer. Listen to our Lifestyle Remodeling Show to learn more.

When you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, talk to Manitowoc’s master builders for a free quote.