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Safety Bars for the Home

Accessible Safety Rails and Grab Bars Installed in Your Bathroom 

Keep your bathroom safe and accessible with safety rail and grab bar installations for your newly remodeled bathroom. Sonnenburg Builders has renovated bathrooms in Wisconsin for over 30 years, and we provide handrail installation services for your new bathroom to ensure safety and ease of use for all of your bathroom needs.

Our remodeled bathrooms can have walk-in showers or toilets installed with safety rails and grab bars nearby for maximum support and stability. You will be able to access every part of your bathroom without any extra help, and maintain your independence no matter what your situation.

Wisconsin Bathroom Remodelers

Sonnenburg Builders can help you make your bathroom as accessible as possible by installing convenient safety bars and grab rails near the toilet and in the shower at the precise location and height you need. Check out all of our newly installed safety and grab bars and see how much they can improve the quality of your own bathroom space.

Installing safety bars in the bathroom is Sonnenburg Builders area of expertise. With over 30 years of experience remodeling bathrooms,  the majority of those bathrooms have required safety and grab bar installations. At-home slip and fall accidents occur most often in the bathroom. Rugs, grip mats and other traction devices all help to an extent however are not entirely safe. Safety and grab bars can be strategically installed to ensure support and stability at all times. Safety bars in the bathroom are often installed in the following areas:

Bestbath shower systems offer the best in safety, durability, and design with custom color walk-in showers and non-slip floors. Sonnenburg Builders can install safety grab bars anywhere you need them to stay steady in the shower.

Bathroom Safety Grab Bars for the Elderly

Sonnenburg Builders provides high quality safety bars and grab rails for seniors still living at home. You can maintain your independence with a safety rail or grab bar beside the toilet or inside a fiberglass shower. Never compromise on your own safety – check out our Manitowoc, WI showroom today for different styles and designs of handrails for own home. We can securely install any style of grab bar or safety rail you need, including L-shaped safety bars, and designs to complement the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom Grab Rails for the Disabled

Permanent or long-term disabilities should never have to limit your life – with Sonnenburg Builders, you can have the freedom to use your own bathroom without any hassle. High quality safety or grab bars can be installed in your bathroom for ease of use, and you will be able to maintain your independence without compromising your health or safety. Check out some of our home remodeling projects to see how you want your handrails installed in your newly renovated bathroom.

Safety bars for the home are crucial under various circumstances.  Handicap disabilities are one of the main reasons why homeowners install safety bars.  Depending on a resident’s level of mobility, a safety bar can help one be independent in the privacy of their own home, especially in the bathroom where independency may matter the most.

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You’re Only as Safe as the Mounting of Your Grab Bars

When a slip or loss of balance occurs, you need a bar firmly anchored to the wall, not stuck on with a suction cup – safety grab bars and rails installed by Sonnenburg remain firmly attached to help protect against injuries from slip and fall accidents.

Products promising instant secure installation without drilling should be avoided. Many of them only promise “stability” and reading the fine print reveals they are not intended to support full body weight. 

Many low-priced “easy install” safety grab bars give the illusion of safety without actually improving the security of seniors or the disabled who need reliable home safety aids. There are no shortcuts to safety, but safety grab bars do offer a substantial improvement in senior home safety when done right.

Sonnenburg Builders has experience making the bathroom, kitchen, and all areas of the home safer and more accessible. We install safety grab bars and rails you can depend on.

Knowing When It’s Time to Install Senior Home Safety Aids

Aging can bring los of coordination, flexibility, and balance. Along with aging eyesight and chronic conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, it’s no wonder falls are the leading cause of injuries for adults over 65 in America.

Slip and fall accidents in the home can result in broken hips, wrists and head injuries. even if falling doesn’t cause serious injury, it can cause an older adult or disabled person with limited mobility to become fearful or anxious when moving about their own home.

Proper installation of well placed safety rails and grab bars helps elderly residence improve mental and physical well being by helping them maintain independence safely.The best time to install safety grab bars in the home is before a fall happens. If you or a loved one have any concerns about balance, dizziness, or falling, call Sonnenburg Builders to discuss professional safety rail and grab bar installation in key areas of the home.

Signs it’s time to install safety grab bars:

Don't take chances with the safety of you or a loved one. Grab bars installed with anchors for a non-stud mount provide the appearance of safety, but you need safety equipment you can rely on in crucial moments. Call the safety rail company Manitowoc trusts to do the job right, whether it's safety bar installation or building a new home from the ground up.

Preventing Slips and Falls in the Home

In addition to installing safety grab bars, there are other simple steps you can take to improve senior home safety:

Sonnenburg Builders can help improve kitchen safety and reduce risk of accidents throughout the home with safety grab bar installation, remodeling, and tasks such as relocating outlets and switches easily done by a qualified handyman.

Contact us today to get a free quote on installing safety rails in your newly remodeled bathroom.