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Stay Independent with Design Solutions for Improved Safety and Accessibility

As we age, some of the things we took for granted when we were younger become difficult or physically impossible.

Your body may be getting older, but your mind is as sharp as ever, so why would you give up the independence and privacy of living in your own home?

More and more of the calls we receive here at Sonnenburg Builders are from older individuals or adult children of elderly parents looking for remodeling ideas to improve their quality of life while allowing them to age in place and with dignity. We also provide kitchen remodeling for seniors and disabled individuals, allowing people of all ages and capabilities to maintain their independence at home.

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Bathroom Remodeling Helping Seniors Age in Place

Bathroom remodeling for seniors and disabled individualsSonnenburg Builders provides complete bathroom remodeling services, ensuring safety and ease of use for all bathroom facilities during your most private moments.

We install slip-resistant walk-in showers, complete with grab bars and safety rails for support and stability. Shower seats and flexible showerheads are also available, and we can even move the water valve to a safer and more convenient location in the shower.

Handrails and supports can also be installed alongside the toilet and throughout your bathroom. We can widen the bathroom doorway to accomodate a wheelchair or walker, or install a sliding door or one that swings outward for improved accessibility.

Many people ask us about installing bathtubs with a swinging door. We have one of these tubs on display at our Manitowoc showroom, located at 2125 N Rapids Rd, south of Menasha Ave in Manitowoc, and we would be happy to demonstrate how it works, as well as the advantages and disadvantages this tub provides.

Our home remodeling showroom has running water, so you can see how many of our different fixtures operate side-by-side!

Sonnenburg Builders Proudly Offers Bestbath Shower Systems

We've been remodeling bathrooms for more than 30 years, and we love installing high-quality Bestbath showers. Bestbath shower systems allow people with all levels of ability to enjoy convenience and safety in the bathroom with beautiful, customizable design.

Bestbath low-barrier and walk-in showers are durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. Shower surrounds have the look of ceramic tile and are available in a wide variety of colors with custom glass tile accent options. All Bestbath shower systems come with a 30-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Our customers love Bestbath showers because they get the safety features they need with plenty of design options, meaning you get a safer shower that looks like it belongs in your home, not in a clinic. We can install grab bars and a flip-down shower seat wherever you need them after the shower has been installed.

You won't find attractive, accessible shower safety solutions like this at your local big box hardware store. Not even close.

Accessible Bathroom Remodeling for Disabled Individuals

Accessibility features installed by Sonnenburg Builders also assist those suffering from long-term or permanent injury or disability. We’ll work with you to identify the features which will most benefit you or your loved ones. Some of the options include:

Talk to a home remodeling specialist at Sonnenburg Builders about your specific needs. We'll answer your questions and find home accessibility solutions that work for your budget.

Whole-Home Accessibility Features

Beyond the bathroom, Sonnenburg Builders provides accessibility improvements for the entire home. We carry home safety products from Healthcraft and Invisia to help you live your life as fully as possible. If you need a helping hand getting from room to room, or even getting out of bed in the morning, we have a solution to let you stay independent.

Sonnenburg Builders is helping families and individuals throughout Manitowoc County live fuller, more independent lives in their own homes. Whether you need expert, affordable age-in-place solutions or have a custom home remodeling project in mind for one or more rooms of your home, nobody works harder than Sonnenburg Builders to deliver the results you want while staying within your budget!

Keep your independence and stay in control of your privacy. Call Manitowoc's experts in bathroom remodeling for seniors and the disabled.