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Age in Place Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Manitowoc Seniors

Manitowoc County’s trusted kitchen remodeling company, Sonnenburg Builders, specializes in home safety solutions and senior and handicap remodeling for the bathroom, the kitchen, and the whole home. Custom kitchen remodeling allows you to preserve your daily routines and enjoy the comfort of living at home even with changing needs or capabilities.

Kitchen modification and remodeling increases kitchen usability and convenience for seniors and disabled individuals, making it a safe and accessible room for everyone in the household. Choose Sonnenburg Builders for beautiful, custom, kitchen handicap home designs and remodeling with the accessibility you need and design you’ll love.  

Sonnenburg Builders has over 30 years of experience building custom homes and providing expert remodeling services for every room. We’re the builders trusted by homeowners from Two Rivers, and proud of our A+ rating with the BBB. Read letters from happy customers, or get inspired by pictures from our project gallery!

Making Kitchens Safe and Accessible for Two Rivers Seniors

Sonnenburg Builders can install safety grab bars or railings for stability near stairways leading to your kitchen. We can also make steps broader to accommodate walkers or canes. If the stairs need to go, we can redesign the area around your kitchen (or the entire kitchen layout) to allow for universal access. We can also install nonslip flooring and transfer or security poles anywhere in your kitchen, helping prevent slips and falls. 

Simple renovations can make using the kitchen much more convenient for seniors or individuals with reduced mobility. Sonnenburg Builders can eliminate the strain of reaching or stooping by:

Whether you need a cane, walker, wheelchair, or just want an attractive kitchen remodel with universal design, we create custom designs for your kitchen allowing unobstructed access to key areas. 

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Maintain Independence with Kitchen Solutions

Another important consideration in kitchen safety is adding improved lighting in all kitchen areas, especially food prep areas, the stove, and sink. Seniors or people of any age suffering from arthritis will appreciate lever-handled faucets and easy-to-grasp hardware for cabinets and drawers.  Motion activated faucets and soap dispensers are another option easy on weak or arthritic hands.

Sometimes working in the kitchen involves long stretches of standing, which can be challenging due to age or disability. Our accesible remodeling can lower a section of your countertop and build in comfortable seating so you can still enjoy cooking without the strain of being on your feet.

If your kitchen doesn’t already have a table, you’ll likely want to create a dining area inside your kitchen to reduce walking distance while carrying dishes. Sonnenburg Builders can remodel your kitchen and incorporate a table, or install a table along a wall, equally convenient in a chair or a wheelchair.

Kitchen Appliance Safety Tips for Seniors

Selection of appliances is an important aspect of age-in-place kitchen renovation. You’ll want to look for models with large numbers and letters on displays, large easy-to-reach buttons, and long one-piece handles which provide plenty of places to grip. 

The stove is a particularly important item in terms of senior kitchen safety. Induction cooktops are safer and easier than gas or electric stovetops. This is because induction cooking elements heat cookware using magnetic fields rather than a heated coil or flame. This means only the pots and pans get hot, and the burners automatically shut off when cookware is removed.

The cooking surface of induction stoves does heat up somewhat, but not enough to burn anyone or start paper or fabric on fire. Induction cooking does have a learning curve in terms of timing and cooking technique, but the payoff is a much safer and more energy efficient appliance.

Trusted Manitowoc Kitchen Remodeling Contractors for Independent Living

Your needs change as you age, or when an accident or illness causes disability. You don't have to give up your home or your independence. Custom kitchen remodeling by Manitowoc's home remodeling experts allows seniors and the disabled to maintain their independence and continue living at home. Whether you need modifications to make your kitchen wheelchair accessible or just want to install non-slip flooring and easy-access cabinets, call a kitchen remodeling specialist, Sonnenburg Builders will get the job done on time and within your budget.

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