Shower Seat Installation for Manitowoc Senior Bathroom Safety

Built-In Shower Seats are Practical & AffordableSenior shower seat installation in Manitowoc

Wall-mounted or flip-down shower seats and built-in shower benches have been rising in popularity for years—and not just because of aging baby boomers.

Every day more homeowners in Two Rivers, Mishicot and across Manitowoc County are discovering the benefits of installing a shower seat, as part of bathroom remodeling for seniors and handicapped individuals, or simply as an affordable way to upgrade the shower. 

Shower Chairs for Elderly

Maybe you’re planning to age in place and want to update your shower accordingly. Or maybe you’re helping your aging parents with bathroom renovations at their home or your own. Either way, make sure the wall-mounted or flip-down shower seat you choose is installed professionally for safer showering!

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Sonnenburg Builders is the best source for senior bathroom safety remodeling, including installing safety grab bars in the shower, by the toilet or in any room or hallway in your house!

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Sitting in the Shower is Easier for the Whole Family

Shower seats are a practical choice, even if you have no trouble showering on your own. Parents with toddlers can get their little ones washed and ready in no time with the help of a bath bench. Drying off your feet, clipping your toenails or shaving your legs is also easier with a secure place to sit down.

If someone in your household breaks an ankle or leg, suffers from vertigo or chronic fatigue, or is exhausted from a workout you’ll be glad you have a seat in the shower.

Shower Seats for Obese Individuals

Not just in Manitowoc or Wisconsin, but as a nation we’re getting larger. Heavy-duty bath benches and shower stools help overweight people prevent falls. Sitting in the shower also gives the lower back, feet and knees a chance to rest so you can relax and enjoy your shower time. 

Showers and Shower Seats for Easier Cleaning

Shower seats and benches not only make showering easier, they make cleaning the shower easier! Use it as a place to rest cleaning supplies or as support when leaning over the tub.Is your shower outdated, too small or hard to clean?

Low-maintenance Bestbath shower systems install easily, are easy to clean and allow everyone, regardless of age or ability level, to enjoy safe and convenient showers. Best of all you decide on the best placement for the showerhead, faucet handle, shower seat and safety bars and we can install them wherever you decide.

Shower Seats Add Safety and Style

No matter what kind of bathroom design you prefer, safety is always in fashion. Built-in shower seats and benches are available in different materials and finishes to match your décor. Tub seats and benches can be attached to the shower wall, L-shaped or have padding. 

The experienced bathroom renovation contractors at Sonnenburg Builders will be happy to explain your options and help you select the best shower seat for your home.

Senior Safe Showers & Seats from Trusted Local Contractor

Sonnenburg Builders specializes in remodeling and updating bathrooms, showers and tubs for safety and convenience. Whether you need a shower seat, bath bench or safety rails installed in your bathroom, we can help! Homeowners in Kiel, Two Rivers, Mishicot and throughout Manitowoc trust the experts at Sonnenburg Builders for superior shower safety solutions.

Contact Manitowoc’s best shower seat installer today for an affordable shower update!