Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows

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Whether you’re starting a new home construction or looking for replacement windows to update the look of your home, Sonnenburg Builders has window options to meet every style and budget.

Vinyl windows have been regularly used for residential homes for their low cost, color options and abundance on the market. Sturdier fiberglass used to be harder to find and early formulas could be sensitive to UV. 

Today, the window experts at Kolbe Window & Doors have created their Forgent Series of windows. This fiberglass hybrid makes them stronger than vinyl and readily available. Plus fiberglass is no longer difficult to install.

Kolbe created their Forgent Series with installation clip grooves to make installation easy and convenient. Sonnenburg Builders can efficiently install your new windows within your timeframe. 

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Kolbe Forgent Series of Fiberglass Windows

Constructed from Glastra, their proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and UV stable polymer combined with their ladder design makes them energy efficient and durable.

The benefits of Forgent Series fiberglass windows include:

Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are low maintenance, any mold, mildew and dirt can be easily hosed off. However, fiberglass is completely resistant to moisture so there is never a concern about rot, swelling or corrosion affecting your home. Vinyl windows are estimated to last up to 30 years where Kolbe’s Forgent Series can last up to 50, even with Wisconsin’s tough winters.

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A Variety of Fiberglass Window Options in Manitowoc

Sonnenburg Builders offers window replacements and installations of Kolbe’s Forgent Series of fiberglass windows. Our style selection includes casement, awning, double-hung, sliding and specialty windows. 

Sonnenburg Builders has over 30 years of experience building, remodeling, and improving homes throughout Manitowoc County, including Two Rivers, Cleveland, Kiel, Valders, Maribel, Two Creeks and the surrounding areas.

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