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Efficient, Affordable Window Installations Are a Clear Way to Add Value to Your Home

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Improve curb appeal, efficiency and security with professional window installation.

Homeowners get window replacements for a number of reasons.  Deteriorating, leaky, moldy, drafty or even cracked windows quickly get an owner’s attention. While all common characteristics of old windows, windows nowadays should be built to last. When you choose your window replacements from a reputable company like Sonnenburg Builders, you’re assured a lifetime of high window performance. Guaranteed. All of our windows are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty leaving you with a worry-free future. 

Manitowoc Window Replacement Contractors

Hiring a Window Company vs. DIY Installations

It’s only expected for a window company to promote homeowners to hire a pro versus doing the job themselves. Unless you are a contractor yourself with unlimited resources Sonnenburg Builders strongly discourages DIY window installations. A project of this scale can be a huge undertaking and needs to be carefully thought out.  Before you make the decision, it is important to know what exactly is involved. 

A window installation requires more than just new windows. A replacement includes the glass and frames and the tools and materials essential to install them. Completion steps are also needed to ensure your windows are sealed correctly. A retouch of the surrounding window opening may also be necessary to accommodate a change in frame size. To ensure a flawless installation, precise workmanship is required from start to completion.  

Taking into consideration the job size is very important.  If you only need one window replaced, you can probably handle it yourself.  If you plan to buy all new windows, it’s important to know  professionals in the industry are going to get a better price on the windows meaning a better price for you. While you may save on labor, you’ll lose the difference in cost when you think retail vs wholesale price.

As mentioned above, when getting your windows replaced by a professional installation company you’re not only ensuring the job gets done right, you’re adding a means of security.  Like Sonnenburg Builders, most window companies are insured in addition to offering product warranties.  Anything goes wrong, you’re covered.  

Higher Performing Windows Lower Energy Bills 

Let us not forget about one of the most important reasons to install new windows.  Energy efficiency. Sonnenburg Builders is proud to carry and install products from premium window companies like Kolbe Windows and Doors. They manufacture the most energy-efficient insulated glass and fiberglass units available on the market today. All window products are tested to meet and even exceed NFRC requirements thus qualifying for the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient program.

Installing energy efficient replacement windows can lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 20%. Learn more about how you can save money while improving the comfort levels of your home with beautifully crafted window replacements from Sonnenburg Builders.  We offer a variety of window materials. learn about the pros and cons of vinyl vs fiberglass window installations in Wisconsin.

Trusted, Local Window Installers 

Our dedication to quality and precision along with a commitment to accurate quotes, provides customers with peace of mind throughout the entire home improvement process. Sonnenburg Builders has been in business for over 30 years earning the trust of homeowners throughout Manitowoc County.

Our quotes provide the cost of remodeling your home up front so you know exactly what to expect. Sonnenburg Builders continue to serve residents and business owners throughout Manitowoc county including: 

Explore your replacement options and consult with a Manitowoc home remodeler today.  Upon a conversation and some home measurements you’ll have a quote and a sure way to better your home both aesthetically and financially.  And, with our free estimates you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

For professional window replacements from the best window installers in all of Manitowoc, contact Sonnenburg Builders today for an estimate.