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The key to getting an accurate home remodeling estimate is paying attention to the details. Some contractors say they “build in” the cost of things like countertops, doors and cabinets into their quotes, but these are typically low-end, or sometimes outright dishonest estimations, crafted to win a bid.

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Later, after your money is already committed, they’ll hit you with a ten pound sledgehammer of truth in the form of cost overruns.

Sonnenburg Builders doesn’t play number games just to win a bid. We’re proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we wouldn’t risk our integrity just to squeeze out a couple extra bucks.

While cost overruns can and do happen for honest reasons, the best way for you to control your costs is to plan your kitchen or bathroom remodeling, home addition or new home construction project in advance, down to the smallest detail.

At our home design and remodeling showroom, you can choose every element going into your project, from the windows and doors down to the bevel of the cabinet. We’ll build the actual materials price directly into your quote, taking the guesswork out of our estimate, and protecting you against costly overruns.

Looking for safety and accessibility in the shower? Look for further than Bestbath shower systems. Offering the best in safety, durability, and beautiful design, Bestbath showers are best way to complete your senior or handicap bathroom renovations. Sonnenburg Builders specializes in senior and handicap bathroom remodeling and we can answer your questions about shower safety and grab bar installation.

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